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By the start-to-finish production system, I realize a short deadline, low cost!
Japan is the factory which can cope in a small lot high quality with a value-added high thing. I always make the products which were particular about technology.
The Vietnamese factory a mass production product
I deliver it on processing, low price, a short deadline.
For advanced technology and limitless research feeling,
I always work on the making of high-quality product.

Establishment of the press processing technique of the three-dimensional shape that Toyota Giken pursued the technique that I cultivated so far more, and made full use of CAD, CAM,
I plan establishment of the processing technique of materials (including titanium materials, magnesium materials) having high degree of difficulty and pursue every press product.
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Introduction of the Vietnamese factory
New development technology
About parts for the car lighting, exact press die design production, the heat-resistant painting, surface treatment, please feel free to contact me.
An inquiry, the document request
TEL. 0274-40-7234 FAX. 0274-40-7118

Environmental improvement activity

Photovoltaic power generation

The photovoltaic power generation that operated from July, 2014 became the quantity of generation of 1,620,106 kwh as of June, 2023.


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