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SDGs Initiatives

What are SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

SDGs stands for "Sustainable Development Goals" and are international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 and to be achieved by 2030.

“Leave no one behind”
Based on this pledge, as an action plan for people, the earth, and prosperity,
“Poverty,” “Health and welfare,” “Education,” “Work satisfaction,” “Climate change,” etc.
It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets.

The SDGs are universal, not only in developing countries but also in developed countries themselves, and are being actively pursued in Japan.

17 goals of SDGs

17 Sustainable Development Goals "SDGs"

Our SDGs initiatives

Toyoda Giken aims to contribute to achieving the SDGs through its corporate activities.

Lifestyle-related disease preventive examination

Our company conducts health checkups every year and maintains annual records to ensure lifestyle prevention and health management for all employees.
We provide insurance guidance and health checks to employees who need to be careful.

Specific efforts
  • Medical checkup
  • Stress check
  • Insurance guidance

Contributing to society through overseas expansion

Through cooperation and guidance with the Vietnam factory, we have realized overseas procurement of Japanese quality, and we have achieved not only low prices but also high quality.
provide the product. Additionally, with our guidance, you will be able to improve your technical level and contribute to the development of your Vietnam factory.

Specific efforts
  • By leveraging the mutual strengths of our domestic and Vietnamese factories, we have realized cost reduction and high quality of our products.
  • We have improved the technical level of the Vietnam factory by providing education and guidance by accepting technical interns from the Vietnam factory.
  • By actively participating in seminars and vocational training to improve skills, and taking qualification exams,
    Backup support for employee growth and independence

Environmental measures

We aim to eliminate defective products both inside and outside the company and work to reduce our environmental impact.

Specific efforts
  • Aim to reduce product nonconformity rate.
  • By preventing inspection errors during product inspection, the outflow of defective products can be reduced to zero.
  • When procuring raw materials, prioritize those that do not contain or have reduced amounts of harmful substances.
  • Promote green purchasing of office supplies, etc. and realize environmentally friendly procurement.
  • Achieve clean energy by installing solar power generation.

Creating a fair workplace

Creating a fair workplace by implementing initiatives that take into consideration the human rights of each employee and creating a comfortable working environment.
We will try our best.

Specific efforts
  • We will ensure fair treatment regardless of employment type. (Retirement allowance system and child allowance are provided to part-timers as well)
  • Conducting fair recruitment activities and personnel evaluations.
  • Local employment
  • Thoroughly prohibit all types of harassment and discrimination.
  • Extended employment system for the elderly.
  • Preventing long working hours and unpaid overtime.
  • We aim to achieve zero employee turnover by improving the work environment and proactively communicating.

Toyoda Giken

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