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Current) New Technology

Prototype development for press processing of focus curved reflectors for automotive lighting lamps

Reflector made by pressing using deep drawing technology
Productivity/workability, approx. 40% improvement!

Cost, up to approx. 20% reduction!

Quality/performance, approx. 20% improvement!

Mass, approx. 10% reduction!

Purpose of development

Current product ~Reflector manufactured by die-casting~
For automotive lighting fog lamps and headlamps,
the current light distribution functional component "reflector" used is
Mainly manufactured by die-casting, but
the high cost and weight load due to material thickness
results in a low yield of high-brightness processing (aluminum evaporation);
this low productivity has become an issue, and lamp manufacturers
need a new manufacturing method.
Therefore, we apply deep drawing technology,
to make complex 3D shapes such as reflectors
through a manufacturing technology using press processing we have developed.

Effect of development


Reflectors are usually made of die-cast aluminum, but due to the processing characteristics, small holes
called "pinholes" may occur in large quantities. The defect rate is high, and the board thickness limit of 2 mm
has been considered unsuitable for weight reduction. By combining deep drawing technology and 3D measurement technology,
In the case of press processing that has been realized, the defect rate is low, the yield rate is dramatically improved, and
the board thickness can be reduced to around 0.6 mm, making it possible to significantly reduce weight.

Comparison with conventional products (die-cast processed products)

Comparison of die casting and press processing

Development process

Development process

Regarding this developed technology

・Industries, equipment, and parts where this developed product is likely to be applicable
・Parts that may be applicable to your company
・Parts that can be applied if improvements are made
 If you have any, please feel free to contact us.

We also have materials related to this prototype development product.
If you are looking for one, please let us know when making an inquiry.
*This project is being implemented under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Prototype Development Support Project.

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