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Speedy delivery and low costs, realized through our integrated production system!!
We have a factory in Japan that can provide small-lot, high quality products with high added-value. Our manufacturing is always performed with an emphasis on technological capability.
At our Vietnam factory, mass-market products are
processed and delivered quickly and at reduced cost.


Status of coronavirus infections at our bases

We sincerely apologize to local residents and all concerned for the great concern this has caused.to raise.

To prevent the spread of infection to employees and employees of partner companies at all our bases. We will continue to issue even more detailed warnings and check health conditions.


If the situation changes in the future, we will promptly disclose information each time and prevent the spread of infection.We will continue to work on prevention.


Published October 11


Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture (Head Office Factory) )

1 people


Impact on factory operations



Confirmed positive 

October 11


Final arrival at work 

October 7

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