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Speedy delivery and low costs, realized through our integrated production system!!
We have a factory in Japan that can provide small-lot, high quality products with high added-value. Our manufacturing is always performed with an emphasis on technological capability.
At our Vietnam factory, mass-market products are
processed and delivered quickly and at reduced cost.
Through state-of-the-art technology and a limitless spirit of inquiry,
we always strive for the manufacture of high-quality products.

At Toyoda Giken, we continue to pursue new technology beyond what we have cultivated so far; we plan to establish processing technologies for both 3D presses that use CAD and CAM and
highly difficult materials (titanium, magnesium etc.), and we constantly pursue the production of all kinds of presses.
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Please feel free to contact us about automobile lighting parts, the design and production of precision press molds, heat-resistant coating, and surface treatment.
Contact us with questions or materials requests at:
TEL.0274-40-7234 FAX.0274-40-7118
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Environment Improvement Efforts

Solar Power

Solar power generation, which started operating in July 2014, has generated 2024 kwh as of April 1,768,379.


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