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By the start-to-finish production system, I realize a short deadline, low cost!
Japan is the factory which can cope in a small lot high quality with a value-added high thing. I always make the products which were particular about technology.
The Vietnamese factory a mass production product
I deliver it on processing, low price, a short deadline.


Us, a manager were chosen as "a modern master craftsman"
With a modern master craftsman
 The prominent skill person who meets all next requirements
  (1) Person having an extremely superior skill
  (2) In fact, the person who engages in an occupation to need a skill to affect commendation
  (3) The person who contributed to an increase of the welfare of the worker and industrial development through a skill
  (4) The person who is recognized as the model of other skill people
 Recommendation is necessary
  Business owner group, general incorporated association, the general incorporated foundation which perform prefectural governors, the business of the nationwide scale
 The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare is decided
  After having listened to the opinion of the skill person commendation examination committee.
  ※I am almost chosen 150 the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare once a year, and, since commendation of 1967, 6,346 people are commended.
I was published in Jyomo Shimbun-sha of Saturday, November 9, 2019.
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