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Toyoda Giken Co., Ltd. values the customers’ trust as our first priority. It has been our company policy to conduct business with your information accurately and confidentially. To put this policy into practice, we have established a Privacy Policy. We make sure that all our staff members and affiliates use your information responsibly. The details of our privacy policy are outlined below. In addition, the private information already stored and used by us is also protected according to this policy.
How We Handle Your Private Information
(1)How We Collect Your Private Information
We collect your private information in a legal and fair way. When we ask you to submit your private information, we inform you of the purpose and details of use beforehand. We only collect information that is necessary to conduct our legitimate business.

(2)How We Use and Share Your Private Information
Your private information will be shared only when you have agreed beforehand, and will be used only for the purpose of use. We define “purpose of use” as conditions which are necessary to achieve our legitimate business goal. The scope of “purpose of use” is described below.
●Scope of Purpose of Use
・To contact you for business reasons
・To inform you of our products or services
・To reply to your inquiry or request
・To fulfill some other justifiable purposes to which you have agree beforehand.
●Use of Private Information for Other Purposes
We may use your private information for other purposes than those described above, and we may use it without your consent only in the case where it is justifiable. In other cases we make sure to use it only with your consent.

(3)Disclosure of Private Information to Third Parties
We will never disclose your private information to third parties without your consent. However, we may disclose your personal data if required by law or some other regulations.

(4)How You Disclose or Change Your Personal Data
You can review, change or delete your personal data by so requesting at the Contact for Privacy Policy. After your identity is confirmed, we will disclose, change, or delete your data. This transaction is not applied in the cases where your request has a risk of seriously violating our business operation.

(5)Transaction Charge for Disclosure of Private Information
When you request disclosure of your personal data, we may require a transaction charge. In such cases, we make sure to inform you of the charge beforehand.
Observance of the Laws and Regulations Related to Privacy Protection
We strictly comply with the laws and regulations related to privacy protection. Therefore our privacy policy complies with the laws and regulations of Japan. Our privacy policy defines our basic policy for dealing with our customers’ private information and your personal data is protected according to this policy.
Security of Private Information
We have appropriate security measures to protect your private information from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, and maintain its accuracy and security. We limit entry by unauthorized people to the office where our customer’s private information is dealt with. Educational activities for privacy protection are conducted for the executives and employees who manage and handle this issue.
Ongoing Improvement
We will continually review and improve our privacy policy in order to comply with changes in the law, usage and environment.
For Inquires and Information
Please contact us at the following numbers if you have any questions concerning our privacy policy.
【Contact for Privacy Policy】 Phone: 0274-40-7234 Fax: 0274-40-7118